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Transforming E-mobility with Engineering-Focused Solutions

Chargebay was founded as an offshoot Teck Global to support the growing need for electric vehicle charging. Its main objective is to help unlock cost effective and quick to deploy electric vehicle charging solutions.

Teck Global specialises in High Voltage engineering, switch rooms and electrical equipment fabrication for the utility, mining, oil and gas sector. This capability is shared with Chargebay to provide the capability to deliver projects, access competitive pricing and provide first-class support.

Our electrical engineering expertise is focused on power system design, automation and control, grid connections, network augmentation, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

We leverage strong partnerships with European suppliers and combine it with the technical skills and local expertise which allows Chargebay to bring market leading solutions to the Australian market. We distribute Mennekes and Coneva products in Australia.

Chargebay has an expert team that can support you throughout your Emobility journey.

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Freedom of Installer

Chargebay believes in relationships.  If you already have a good relationship with an electrical contractor, we can provide the technical input to deliver a world class solution.

Save Money

Chargebay helps you utilise your existing assets through smart charging and energy management to avoid unnessesary augmentation .


Chargebay works with leading global suppliers to provide world class customer solutions