Dynamic Load Management for EV Charging

Chargebay has a strong core in electrical engineering and control systems that enables us to provide comprehensive dynamic load management (DLM) solutions to cover any Electric Vehicle Charing solution.

Chargebay has teamed up with another leading e-mobility company Coneva to provide their state-of-the-art sophisticated load management system to its valuable customers. Coneva’s intelligent load management system design can be very crucial to overcome all the technical barriers such as uncontrollable power distribution among site loads and the EV chargers.
The Chargebay solution is a state of the art, vendor agnostic, future proof system. It creates a local network to establish hard-wired communication with the charger. A hardware smart-box provides the local load management and integrated with energy meters. The system is compatible with cloud-based billing systems such as Chargebay’s Chargecloud to provide a unique billing solution for each charge point.

We Provide

The load management system from Coneva can also be monitored by a web-based dashboard. This professional tool provides a graphic overview of the charging infrastructure and energy consumption across the site. Additionally, error messages from the charging points and any communication problems in the network are displayed to allow for quick troubleshooting.

The dashboard shows the operating states in a high level of detail. With almost real-time control (approx. 3 seconds) it gives you an immediate insight into the operating status of the site and each individual charging point. Coneva’s Device Manager (remote management module) allows you to remotely manage the charging points with soft and hard resets and setting load management limits.

The load management dashboard provides:

  • Intuitive matrix navigation.
  • Real time information.
  • Flexible multi-tenant data handling.
  • Best in class user experience.
  • Fast rollout with an open API driven architecture.

Services include

  • Site power supply audit (including grid connection)
  • Site power system review
  • Allocating charger zones
  • Installing hardware
  • Software configuration
  • Testing
  • Feasibility studies
  • Solar system integrations

Dynamic Load Management for EV charging is key for keeping project Capex and Opex to a minimum by avoiding grid connection upgrades and higher network tariffs. Our Dynamic Load Management offering provides, in addition to a static solution, a comprehensive dynamic solution that monitors power at the grid connection, on site Solar generation and available power is distributed to the charging stations. The allocation and distribution of the power is carried out under consideration of the maximum building load, the use of the charging points or vehicles, as well as a given priority switching. Thus, in times with a lower building load, more power can be provided for the charging stations.

Future proof
Schedule-based load management

In addition to the dynamic solution, a continuous evaluation of your energy prices and the energy sources available on site (eg Solar) is carried out. The charging stations will operate using the lowest cost times to charge the vehicles. If the focus is on reducing CO2 emissions, a solar timetable which is based on the energy production from a photovoltaic system can also be used.

Fair share for Multi-res buildings

We can design a system that keeps the shared Capex to a minimum and ensure residents pay their fair share for installing and operating their own EV charger.