Circontrol eNEXT Home Wallbox


Circontrol eNEXT Home Wallbox

A cost effective charger perfect for home use for both indoors and outdoors with clever features for your safety and usability.

$790.00 incl GST

The eNext home is a simple and cost effective charger that’s perfect for home use. It has been designed to be installed both indoors and outdoors and have some clever features for your safety and usability.

The eNext comes in single phase 7 kW and three phase 22 kW versions.


  • Tethered cable and DC leakage protection.
  • Configuration and firmware updates via bluetooth Hi Charger Smart Phone App.
  • Plug & Charge or access control via Hi Charger Smart Phone App.
  • Ability to schedule charging by the hour and limit current by the hour.
  • Ability to limit current for the whole station.
  • Static & Dynamic load management via Beon current clamp.
  • Start/Stop charging on remote signal e.g. timer.
  • Connect a three phase station to single phase supply.


User Manual


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