Coneva Dynamic Load Management

Coneva Dynamic Load Management

Coneva’s SmartBox offers an intelligent load control solution for EV charging that ensures decentralized and remote-controlled operation of charging infrastructure in a fail-safe manner. By serving as a local gateway on-site, the SmartBox optimizes EV charging, providing a safe, reliable, and efficient charging experience for EV drivers. With Coneva’s SmartBox, businesses and individuals can take advantage of advanced technology to manage their EV charging infrastructure and improve their environmental impact.

Intelligent control of EV charging with the SmartBox as a local gateway on site, the decentralized operation of the charging infrastructure is ensured in a fail-safe and remote-controlled manner.

After installing the coneva SmartBox, the charging points can be controlled.

This allows you to implement different types of load management for your charging infrastructure as required

Control through dynamic load management

Limit the charging output based on building loads. Our solution is dynamic load management. Here we coordinate the power output to a charging park. The individual charging points are automatically controlled according to what’s happening in the rest of the building. This solution can minimise the electrical infrastructure investment.

Control through load management with prioritization

Sometimes vehicles need charging urgently. We can prioritise individual charging points and allocate more power to specific units. For example, VIP charging, in which the charging points are prioritised with the help of RFID authentication.

Control using time-based load management

Time-based load management is the continuous evaluation of the retail energy prices and energy sources. This makes it possible to operate the charging park with the most cost effective energy available or maximise the use of on site solar generation.


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