Siemens Sicharge CC AC22

Siemens Sicharge CC AC22

A prime example of quality “Made in Germany” built with high-quality materials and components.

The compact charging stations of the SICHARGE series provide you with the perfect electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public and semi-public areas. The SICHARGE CC AC22 is capable of 2 x 22 kW simultaneous fast charging of two electric vehicles according to the IEC standards and can be installed as a stand-alone option or embedded in a flexible and modular environment. While fulfilling the highest Siemens quality standards, the CE certified charging station demonstrates an elegant and robust design, that integrates perfectly into any environment and can be customized according to your specific needs.

Dual port with Level 2 EV charger capable of up to 22kW per Port. Type 2 port (IEC62196) – Connector. Non tethered or tethered option EVSE for All Plug-In Electric Vehicle use.

Ideal for public use.


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