Sinexcel SEC 40-80kW DC Charger


Sinexcel SEC 40-80kW DC Charger

Boasting a small footprint and sleek design, this 80kW charger adapts effortlessly to any location, even with limited space. Its easy installation saves on construction costs, ensuring a quick return on investment. Plus, the integrated modular design simplifies access and maintenance for added convenience.

Original price was: $49,990.00.Current price is: $44,900.00. incl GST

The Sinexcel SEC 80kW Charger: Your Versatile and Powerful EV Charging Solution

Discover the Sinexcel SEC 80kW charger, designed to make electric vehicle (EV) charging more accessible, efficient, and versatile. This advanced charger is equipped with two DC charging connectors, delivering a maximum output of 1000V and 80kW full power to quickly charge your EV. With its dual charging capability, you can simultaneously charge two vehicles for added convenience.

With its adaptability to various charging scenarios and ability to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously, the Sinexcel SEC 80kW charger is the perfect solution to meet the diverse charging needs of today’s EV market.



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