Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants

Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants

The Western Australian (WA) Government is taking a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future by providing $15 million in grants for businesses to co-fund the cost of electric vehicle (EV) recharging infrastructure. This initiative is part of the state’s broader strategy to encourage the uptake of EVs, reduce carbon emissions, and create a cleaner and healthier environment for all.

Businesses play a crucial role in driving the transition to sustainable transport, and the availability of EV charging infrastructure is essential to support the growth of electric mobility. The government’s $15 million grant scheme aims to support businesses in installing EV charging stations, making it easier for their customers, employees, and fleet drivers to charge their EVs while on the go.

One company that can assist businesses in choosing the right technology to help transition their business to electric vehicles is Chargebay. Chargebay is a leading provider of EV charging solutions, offering a range of products and services to meet the needs of different businesses.

Chargebay’s solutions include a range of charging stations, from basic models for small businesses to high-powered rapid charging stations for large commercial fleets. The company also provides software and management systems to monitor charging usage and manage billing and payments.

Chargebay’s team of experts can work with businesses to determine the most appropriate charging solutions based on their needs and budget. They can also provide guidance on installation, maintenance, and ongoing support to ensure that businesses get the most out of their charging infrastructure.

By partnering with Chargebay, businesses can take advantage of the WA government’s grant scheme and accelerate their transition to electric vehicles. Not only will this support the growth of sustainable transport, but it will also help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The WA Government’s EV charging infrastructure grants are a significant step towards a brighter energy future. By partnering with companies like Chargebay, businesses can take advantage of this initiative and transition to electric vehicles with ease. This will not only benefit their business but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment for all.

Round one: what you need to know

Round one has an allocation of $3.75 million and will be open from 16 February 2023 until COB 12 May 2023.

Please note that applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis. Round one may close before 12 May 2023 if the funding allocation is fully expended.

Grants in round one fund the following for up to 4 EV chargers per site (for a maximum of 5 sites):

  • 50% of the purchase cost of level 2 (7 to 22 kW) EV chargers chosen from an approved list
  • 50% of installation costs

    • Funding caps of $5,000 per site apply in the Greater Perth area and $10,000 per site apply in regional and remote areas

  • 75% of the cost of a 2-year EV charger software subscription. Both the software platform and software supplier must be on the approved list.
  • Hardware and software must be from the approved list. If not, applications will be ineligible. 

Charge Up Workplace EV Grants criteria: check if you’re eligible

  • Applicants who will use the EV charger to charge during daytime hours (9am to 5pm) or overnight (9pm to 9am). In general, charging that occurs mainly during the evening peak of 5pm-9pm will not be supported by the grant.
  • Applicants who will install the EV charger at a location within Western Australia
  • Applicants who are one of the following types of organisations:

    • Not-for-profits registered with the Australian Charities and not-for-profits commission (ACNC)
    • Local government authorities established under the Local Government Act 1995
    • Small to medium enterprises as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, being either a small business employing less than 20 people, or a medium business employing between 20 and 199 people.

Some exclusions to these organisation types apply. Refer to page 19 of the Guidelines for a list of ‘who is not eligible’, for example home-based business are ineligible.

The types of charging situations we expect to co-fund as part of the Charge Up Workplace Grants include:

  • Destination charging: Charging at destinations that people typically spend a few hours at during the day. For example, tourist or cultural attractions, cafés, wineries, beaches, swimming pools, parks, or other outdoor leisure activity facilities.
  • Car parks: Car parks of eligible organisations for employees and visitors to charge their EVs.
  • Fleet vehicles: Chargers which are intended to support the conversion of fleets to EVs. 

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