Energy Management

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A sensor to dynamically adjust the current supplied to the EV to avoid overloading

Stand Alone EV Charger for both public and private areas.

Coneva’s SmartBox offers an intelligent load control solution for EV charging that ensures decentralized and remote-controlled operation of charging infrastructure in a fail-safe manner. By serving as a local gateway on-site, the SmartBox optimizes EV charging, providing a safe, reliable, and efficient charging experience for EV drivers. With Coneva’s SmartBox, businesses and individuals can take advantage of advanced technology to manage their EV charging infrastructure and improve their environmental impact.

The Chargespot Berlin – a compact, cost effective, smart public charging solution designed to be easily mounted on streetlights, walls and similar street furniture.

A prime example of quality “Made in Germany” built with high-quality materials and components.

A high power, modular, DC electric vehicle charging platform. Easily upgradeable with additional power modules guaranteeing minimum downtime: plug-and-play.

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Boasting a small footprint and sleek design, this 80kW charger adapts effortlessly to any location, even with limited space. Its easy installation saves on construction costs, ensuring a quick return on investment. Plus, the integrated modular design simplifies access and maintenance for added convenience.

Modular charger units that can be easily changed in the field for faster maintenance and improved uptime.