Chargebay E-Mobility Services


Multi-residential and commercial EV charging solutions

By designing a suitable electrical foundation for the building, we can ensure capital costs are kept to a minimum and provide flexibility for residents to pay for chargers to be installed as needed. The critical shared assets will allow for future growth, and Chargebay will prepare the standards for any future chargers to follow.

Dynamic Load Management for EV Charging

Dynamic Load Management for EV charging is key for keeping project Capex and Opex to a minimum by avoiding grid connection upgrades and higher network tariffs. Our Dynamic Load Management offering provides, in addition to a static solution, a comprehensive dynamic solution that monitors power at the grid connection.

dynamic load management

Fleet and Depot Charging

We offer EV charging solutions for commercial applications including engineering, design, consulting and implementation. Our EV fleet charging solutions are the perfect way to keep your bus depot or commercial fleet charged and ready to go. We can help you design and implement a custom EV charging solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

EV Charging Payment Solutions

Customer management is essential for e-mobility providers. Our customer relationship management helps you manage customers, determine individual rates for various charging processes and provide a user friendly billing platform.


EV Station management & monitoring

Chargebay offers you all the functions you need to control, monitor and remotely service your charging infrastructure, regardless of the hardware manufacturer. Our Charge Point Operator module offers fleet operators and companies effectively administer networked electric mobility of their customers.
Regardless of whether you are new to e-mobility or you already operate a number of charging stations.

EV Charger Back-End Integration

Chargebay provides a comprehensive electric vehicle charging management platform with access control, billing and e-roaming capabilities. With the ability to set flexible pricing modes across various customer groups, we have a solution to suit your business.


Our Partners

Chargebay works with leading global suppliers to provide world class customer solutions